The one who rejected you will have to accept you

Many of you may know that I have another business where I sell custom made pillows. So I saw online that this fabric company had V.I.P. cards for business owners and sewing groups. I have known this information for years but never had all of my ducks in a row to get it like business license, tax id etc. Well I finally had it I went to the store just for a regular purchase but as I  was getting my fabric cut by the manager I asked about the V.I.P. card. He proceeded to tell me that the V.I.P. card was only for sewing groups.  (Now mind you I went on the website and saw this wasn't true.) I said "I thought if you have a business you can get it too". He said "No, you have to be apart of a sewing group" It bothered me but not as much because I didn't have my paperwork. So I just let it go. 
Two months later, I emailed customer service after a few days I got a phone call and email  basically saying that they talked to the assistant Store manager and SHE knew the rules and I can go back to the store and get my card. I wasn't able to go that day but the next day I went in I wanted to make sure I had all my paperwork. 
So I go up to the counter and I told the cashier what I needed she was new so she had no idea. She called the manager it was HIM. She put me on the phone with him. I told him what I was there for once again he tried to tell me about being apart of the sewing group. I told him it also says about business owners,I have my business license and my forms.  He said "ok, I will be right up" (Okaay, change your tune now lol)
Not only did I get my card but what I didn't know is I was also able to get a tax exempt card for being a reseller (I have to explain that at a later time) I now get double discounts for my trouble. Ain't God good Okaaay!

Now through my story you see how God will bless don't worry about the people that have rejected you or have done you wrong those same people will have to accept you. Or have to go through you to be accepted.


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