Get to know her for yourself!

This quote alone speaks volumes. We sometimes will miss out on our blessings by not speaking to someone based on someone else's opinion. That person can only be telling you one side of the story  or based on facts of the past.  If you are not like your past how do you expect someone else to be like that. We as women change within minutes or a drop of a hat. Who you used to be as a teenager is not who you are in your twenties or your thirties on your 40. But we don't allow ourselves to get to know someone else. People who may know them based on their possible Facebook friendship or are there High School friendship. 
But they will tell you everything to get to hate another woman for whatever reason but will NEVER TELL YOU WHAT THEY DID TO THAT WOMAN TO MAKE HER ACT THAT WAY!
We as women are very powerful but one of our flaws is a competition with each other. You don't have to compete with another woman you don't have to compare yourself to another woman. Men work together all the time. But why can't women we are taught that there's not enough room for all of us. We are taught that we have to be the best and we are in competition with every woman that is doing the same thing that we are. But that's not the case think about how powerful we as women would be if we worked together. If we put aside our petty differences and actually work together or we would be the head of corporations together. There may have already been a female president. We are much stronger than we know. What we cannot afford to tear each other down.  We must stand together if you haven't noticed the world seems to be against us. You have male lawmakers trying to make plans for us. Nowis not the time to be apart but stand together. Help a sister out no matter the race. Women all over the world is hurting. We have the world on our shoulders. We are often burdened by the fact we have to be the man, the woman, the breadwinner, the lover, mother, the friend and last but not least the shoulder to cry on. We shouldn't make it harder on each other. 


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