Don't stand there defeated!!! Take ACTION!!

I have been on my grind trying to find a job that would make sense schedule wise. That I can be with my daughter and be able to work. She will soon be going to a head start program whenever they open.

So I got a job as a substitute teacher at one of the other schools in town. So I was just thinking that everything that I have to do for the job must be in town because that's where I'll be working NEGATIVE.  I had to go to another town for almost everything. For the record: I don't drive so this kinda makes it harder because I have to go on other people's schedules including my daughters. I go to the screening and they tell me I have to get fingerprints, drug test and a physical.  (I also have to do an orientation in this town and not in my own town.) Now the drug test I have to do within 48 hours I have to make sure I do it within 48 hours or there's no purpose because I can't redo it. Which also means that without it I don't get the job. So when the screening was all done I went back to the car feeling rejected and defeated I really needed this job so that when my daughter does go to head start we could be on the same schedule or at least it will get me closer to being a teacher at the head start. What I was reminded of by my friend is how God will make a way and how he was going to make a way because he knew this was something that I needed to do.
I decided to take action I called the drug testing place and they said that there was a walk in drug testing in my town across the street. You don't know how much weight that lifted off of my shoulders.

God made a way it was hard to see but he did. You guys don't know how hard it has been trying to figure out ways to make this happen. When I even had the application to be a substitute teacher they said it would take to one month 2-3 months for this to go through. But God allowed it to go through even faster. The thing is I could sit here and feel defeated or even not called the drug testing place and just said forget about it it's not going to work is not going to happen. But as long as there's actions to make you have to take those actions to get the results that you need. You can't let the enemy make you feel as though you can accomplish your goals. God and bring you this far to leave you stranded and abandoned. You may not know how everything is going to work out but trust God and know that he has your back.

You can easily sit back and let life happen to you or you can take action because there's always a way out there's always a way to make things happen it may not always be the way that we want but there's always a way and if we stand there defeated will never get to where we're supposed to go don't give up!!!


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