Doing just fine

The holidays can bring the absolute worst out of people. People start acting brand new, they become distant or some just become depressed. This post I want to talk to the broken hearted. Having a break up around the holidays can be tough or any time but especially the holidays.  You see people in love, celebrating, getting engaged or even married. Seeing this can hurt you to your core. DON'T LET IT!  Don't give that person the benefit of you not going on and living your best life. You may not be able to see it now especially if the wound is fresh. Sometimes people need to move out of our way so that we can gain some perspective. There's a reason why this happened you may not see it today but everything will work out.
  I brought back up.  Getting cheated on sucks but you deserve better. It's better to be alone than with someone who doesn't love or respect you. Step outside of your situation,if that person really loved you they would've never violated your relationship.If they truly cared they would've never hurt you. Don't invest more into someone more than they invest in you. You don't have to convince or make someone love you either they do or don't. It's nothing wrong with you if they don't! IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT.  Some partners will verbally abuse you so you feel less and can't move on which makes it more of a dependency. But you are strong break that mind game chain!! They are not the boss of you!  Take your life back and pray that God puts you on the right path to accomplish your purpose!!!
    My back up is this song okay if you never heard it your in for a treat. I'm telling you through my break ups this song was on repeat you hear me. You can let it play in the background while you getting yourself together but let me warn you almost at the end WANYA has this line "I ain't missing you at all " man by the 3rd or 4th time listening to it you be hitting that note  Trust me!  You got this! And you will get through this!


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