Determined to Rise

So I am up early in the middle of the night doing job searches and filling out online applications. Today I actually spent my day starting my baby pillow line. Thank God for an obedient child.
As I looked at my child, I told her we were going to make it. She gave me a smile and that was all I needed. I am determined that my daughter won't see me fail or give up. Sure her father is here but I want to be an example for her. Honey, I even been applying to places I never would have thought of working. But that's what you have to do when you have a child. It's very different when you have little brown eyes looking back at you.
I will say the one thing that I HATE is waiting forever for a reply or phone call. 
No matter what you are facing there is always a way out it may not be the path you wanted to go but realize it maybe pushing you closer to your purpose and the next level in life. 


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