Can't sit idly by

Back Story: I was going to make a video today on a totally different subject for some reason nothing seemed to go right. I can't find my mic and my little one is in love with mom today but it's ok i may be too emotional for a video but I owe you guys!

Before Worthy Worth it & Priceless there was Confidently Beautiful and before that it all started with  Dream -Inspire all the mission of helping others through my experiences. Helping people reach their best you get it. Well something happened today that hit me to my core. A tragedy happened in my town I don't know the people personally so I won't go into detail. But 1 of the people that was involved i remember him. He was someone who I felt in my heart was hurting. When I spoke with people about lost people or people needing help in my town I often thought of him. Today I realized it was too late. I let fear or whatever stop me from reaching out. I have often been told that my videos help people or the mission of Worthy Worth it & Priceless is an incredible thing. But today when I got the info it hurt me so bad. It made me question how long an I going to be in front of the camera or behind a computer screen at some point movement has to be made on my side it has to go beyond this.

I say to you as well we can no longer allow YOU to sit on your gift someone in the world needs your idea, your compassion,  your purpose. This world is going mad it's time to take a stand. Don't let fear stop you from doing the right thing!!


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