Types of people to kick out of your life

I always talk about getting rid of people and how everyone can't come with you to your next level.  I figured I never listed them or gave you the characteristics.

Liars and backstabbers are a given so they won't be listed.

Half-Truths😏- These are the people who tell only half the truth and half a lie so you can't really say that they are lying. They tell you what they think you need to know or just enough so they don't look guilty.

Victims😧😭- These people are ALWAYS the victim. They always give a sob story.They always want you to feel sorry for them. They always have there bottom lip poked out. It's always as though the whole world did them wrong and they did nothing to cause it.

Non-Movements😪- These are the people you encourage you pour into them and no matter how much you encourage or pour into them they are encouraged at that moment but never move. These people are dangerous because they can make you stagnant. You could waste so much time trying to get them to move you may not realize how much life has passed you by.

Idea Thief 😈 - this person is someone who will listen to your ideas and turn them around and use them as if it's there own. It's like the contestants on the Price Is Right that once you say 500 they say 501.

Life's a Mess 😎- This is the people where there life is a mess but they always want to give you advice. They can NEVER seem to fix there life but they always have a solution for yours.

Hope this helps look at your circle or even yourself if you have to and make changes.


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