If he did it before!

Usually I write after the storm is over for me. This time I am going to write about it as I am going through.
  As you all know or can assume, I am out of work due to having my daughter. Black Friday was supposed to be my going back date but due to the fact we couldn't find a babysitter or daycare and I had vacation pay due to me we decided that I should take another week off. I talked to my manager in advance signed the paperwork let's go right! Wrong.
   1st my job tried to say that I  didn't work on my anniversary date so I  wasn't eligible for vacation pay. Lies I worked my anniversary date. And I called payroll they said I had 30.67 hours.
  2nd I got a phone call from my manager basically stating that I wasn't allowed to get my vacation pay because they have blackout dates between Black Friday and the First of the year.  You would think the store manager would have known this before he approved my vacation pay hence he DIDN'T which is why he was calling me smh. And on top of that there is no hours available for this week and may not be much next week.
  I have put in many applications since being off and haven't heard a thing. This year has been an uphill battle. I realize I have been in this place before and sometimes even worse but if God brought me out before this is nothing. I believe there's a reason I am off of work. I know that God will make a way for me and I know he will do the same for you. So keep the faith and I will keep you updated on the process or progress of the situation stay encouraged.


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