Encouragement: When you decide to walk away

 You have decided to walk away from what has been holding you back. Yay! Good for you right!? But it's not always that easy. If you have a heart or if that person really meant something to you it's easier said than done. Even afterwards we still question ourselves if we made the right decision.
     Earlier this year, I  believe I was watching a  sermon from Kirk Franklin I had just found my notes the other day. Anyway, he said "it's not our place to die on the cross for our friends Christ has already done that." We will put ourselves on the back burner for others. We try to carry their cross or burden ourselves. It's not your place to do that. It's one thing to pray for someone or be there for them but not to the extent that we lose full focus on our own mission. God put you on earth to fulfill your purpose. We get so wrapped up sometimes being there for others that we get distracted on our own mission. Although we may see what a person needs to do to change, change will NOT occur unless they see it themselves. It's not for not for us to make them see. You have to pray about it and leave it up to God. Your purpose is too valuable to be wasted on someone who can't see there own.
  If something happens or if the person goes the wrong way again we feel guilty DON'T!  That person may not have went through the experience that will get them to change. It's not up to you to be someones savior Jesus already has that covered.
  Don't feel guilty for walking away, you have done all that you can.


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