Encouragement: Past mistakes equals forward progress

We often look at our past and want to kick ourselves for the decisions we made. The statement "if I only knew then what I know now" but you had to go through your mistakes to learn.
     I belong to a few Facebook groups, and sometimes when people post they will say "How did I do? Be nice" most of them really mean don't correct me. But I believe if your not corrected you will never learn. We live in a society where it seems wrong to have an opinion.
      You had to go through the mistakes to get to where you are. Don't kick yourself embrace yourself. Without those experiences you would have never be where you are.
    Okay let's go  because of my childhood and my parents divorce I was able to cherish my family and be willing to fight for it if need be.  Because of my childhood I love my daughter harder. I make sure I protect her. I made promises to myself even as a child how I would raise my children.
    Life isn't easy. Every comment you get won't be nice. You will have embarrassing moments  you may even wat to kick yourself but don't because where you are now is where your supposed to be. Things happened to get you here.


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