Relationship Talk: Protect Your Family

 As you all know I recently had a daughter last week. As my life has shifted into the role of mom my views and opinion shifted as well. When I made the announcement of her arrival I intentionally didn't post a picture. Although I wanted to but in this day and age as memes and Photoshop you have to be careful what you post. An innocent picture can go viral with ill intent if the wrong person gets their hands on it. 
          Going a bit deeper into the relationship aspect. You have to keep your privacy in relationships. People will use the details of a petty argument and make it seem as though all hell has broken loose in your household. It's crazy because even if you don't tell your business people will use your facial expressions to  draw there own conclusions. Some people just come from a negative place and even though it seems as if they have your back all they want is to see you in the same position as them or worse. 
Your have the power over your household and it's up to you to protect what God has given you authority over.  If every time you go through something with your partner you need to go to your partner and handle it with them.  Talking to your friends or relatives might help you vent but it won't get the problem solved. 
So keep your business to yourself let people come up with their own conclusions. I bet you will have a happier household.


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