Nothing is sacred no more:Intro to new series

Nothing is sacred no more --Wale from The Matrimony

This statement has been playing in my head for a while now.The other day I just got fed up not with the statement but I was trying to find something to watch on t.v. and everything was a celebrity gossip show. Needless to say, I  started to think any day now as you know and some of you may be tired of me talking about but I will have a daughter. I will be responsible for her what she sees and how she is raised. I am tired of seeing half naked women, debates on how women should look, not to mention celebrity gossip and there's more but you get the picture.
     I realize that thereis more to life. I can see why our daughter's or women in general feel as though they need to compete.  Advertisements everywhere is telling them if they don't look a certain way they are not good enough. Most girls can look on t.v. and don't see a girl that looks like them. So what are we telling them if you don't have exotic looks, plastic surgery, or wear the latest fashion trends you are not on our radar This can't be!!
    I wanted to start this series to some how invoke change. With this platform I wanted to have another method of teaching self-worth. We are losing a lot of our girls to the dark side because they are blinded by what society's standards are. If we are ever going to get them back we have to teach them differently.

  Thanks for listening/reading my venting session but I am definitely serious. I don't know how long the series will be or how often but stay tuned.



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