Encouragement: Better Days from Pastor Le'andria Johnson


I found this song about a week ago this song will definitely give you the encouragement you need to keep going. Times are now tough it seems for everyone. I know it's hard to see light or how your going to get through. But I  want you to press on. Keep praying till you feel a change in your spirit. Realize that this isn't the first time that you reached a rough patch but I want you to reach back in your mind and remember your last rough patch and the rough patch before that and realize that if God got you out before he will do it again. You may not see him you may feel like he's too far but God is waiting for you to relinquish control let it go. Stop thinking you got it all figured out. Give it to him and let him do when he does best which is take care of you!!!

Better days are on the way and as a bonus I am posting another video "Let go Let God" by Bishop Paul Morton and his son PJ



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