Testimony:God is SOOOOOOO Good

I am so happy I really don't know how to start this post. Okay well I am currently down to the wire. Today I officially 36 weeks and 28 days to go. I have been running around trying to make sure things are in order. Trying to get bills paid before I take my leave. Trying to figure out future goals  blah blah.  Yesterday it all came to a head I have been trying to keep stress at a minimum but yesterday I broke down. No one knew. I cried and I prayed to God.I felt so alone. I felt like I was the only one doing everything. That the world was on my shoulders. I have my daughter's bassinet on layaway. I didn't even have her baby shower because I couldn't afford it. No one really knew I had/ wanted to cut back on my hours at work because I physically couldn't do it. I would look at my other friends or cousins who had babies this year or have babies on the way and compare what I had which didn't come close. (I'm just taking you through my emotions)
  I was suffering in silence. Today while my boyfriend and I were out. He said his friend had somethings for us.
Now mind you earlier this month his friend said he would get us something. I never usually get my hopes up or take people seriously. Anywho  he said that he had a lot of stuff. Hours later he said he would go over and get the stuff.
    Honey I opened the door my boyfriend was bringing in stuff so was his friends can you say OVERFLOW. Honey, I don't need the bassinet anymore or playpen. I have multiple things for my daughter.I can't even describe the way I feel. I cried in silence BUT GOD! You never know how he's going to come through for you but let him do his job. Every one doesn't need to know your struggle but take it to God the only 1 who will truly answer and you don't have to worry about your business being out in the streets okay.

Thank you Jesus. Trust him and watch him change things


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