Breaking Generational Cycles: It all starts with YOU!

      As the time is winding down for me to have my little sweetheart. I have been thinking a lot and  I mean A-LOT! But someone I realized is God has been getting me prepared since I was younger. As a child I observed the way adults treated their children and things they said to them I would pray and ask God to never allow me to treat my child the same way.
      What I have also observed is the older generation not willing to change the generational curses that go on. (As you know I don't mean everyone or the whole world just people I have come in contact with.) The statements that they say are "No one ever taught me" "My parent didn't do it for me" "It's not my job to get the family together"  How can the generational curses ever be lifted if someone is not willing to stand up. Now between my boyfriend and a  we have generational curses that we have to fight for our daughter. If we don't there's a possibility that she will grow up just like us. I am fighting for my daughter. I am fighting to be a better mom. I'm fighting so my daughter doesn't have my childhood or her father's. I am fighting to give my daughter an actual chance in this world. Just imagine if I was to give up that fight where would that leave my daughter?
    That's why this post says "It's up to you" Because some of our elders are long gone others maybe selfish or trying to make up for time lost. We can't afford to keep looking back. Now is the time to try and guide the youth. Show them more than the latest dance or social media entertainment.  And use the time you have with them to plant seeds of knowledge,encouragement and confidence. Don't be selfish. If no one else will you do it. You be that change that someone needs.


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