Why not?

                     It has got to be hormones but after I made these I felt like crying. It seemed as though I could hear my Grandma Dorothy's encouragement every step of the way. As I have talked about she taught me how to do pillows. That's not the encouragement I am talking about. She also said she envisioned me going into other areas of sewing and talked about me being a designer.
   When I purchased these fabrics earlier today it seemed as though something awakened in me that was dead. These fabrics didn't make me feel like I  was just doing something to just do it but rather I was doing something I loved something I missed. Something I talked myself out of doing something I ran from. I had a dream recently that someone was yelling at me because I wasn't pursuing pillows. I don't know.
   Anywhoo why not pursue what your heart wants why deny yourself s happy life.
   I also had an encounter with someone who started living there dream opened up a shop and everything but there original idea didn't work out so well. Did they give up? No they reinvented there business and guess what it's more successful than the last one. I realize we get discouraged if our original plan falls through. But don't if it fails realize you have the know how to make your next dream better. You'll have a little more insight on what to do and the right way. Why not dream again. Why not try something different? You never know it can prove to be a life changer for the better.


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