Soul of a woman /not bitter just hurt

I have always hated the word bitter especially when it is meant to describe a woman. What some people fail to realize is that these women are not bitter at all. Now fed up, pissed off, hurt, betrayed, and neglected may be a better way to describe them.
These women may have been hurt since childhood. No one comes into this world just angry. I have never seen a seriously unhappy, or depressed baby. What happens is as they grow up things start to happen. The very people (parents) who they look to for guidance sometimes disappears, isn't responsible or worse molest them. It's usually in a woman's childhood that molds a woman to who she will become. It's these childhood experiences that may give her a stereotypical view of the world.
If it's not in her childhood it's in her teens. In her teens she will experience even more. But depending on her childhood she maybe carrying more baggage. Then that transfers into adulthood. Walls are put up no one is allowed to get close. Even the potential Prince Charming is pushed to the side for the familiar heartbreaker. Why because hurt is familiar love isn't.
I'm saying all of this to say not all women are bitter and mean. Just some are a work in progress. 


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