Faith Without Work Is Dead

    "Faith without work is dead" I am not going to give you a sermon because as you know I am no pastor but I will share what I have been going through hopefully it'll help you.
  I have been wrestling with or having conflicts of the mind with a new child on the way I have been pressuring myself to do something. My focus hasn't always been on what God says I should do. I have been letting my mind lead me. (Trust me nothing illegall) but just not operating in the spirit. Wherever my mind leads me that's the idea I follow.
   I went to do a tour of this hair school to follow that idea. This morning I thought of picking up pillows again. I put myself in a place where I allowed myself to be distracted on purpose. I know God's will for my life is much stronger but I have hid from my purpose on purpose. I can speak all of these things to you but if I fail to do them what does that say about me?
  I was also told today I have to step out on faith. Honestly I know I have been playing the background for too long. You guys already know people didn't know that I could even talk. I can't continue to live like this. If I  want change in my life I have to work for it and so do you. We can no longer sit by and keep putting ideas in a notebook without working towards them. The time is now. Being shy or being afraid what people will say is over.Get into God  focus on what he has for you to do. Concentrate on him not on what people might do or say.
Put your blinders on and get to work.


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