Brand new prospective

Howdy y'all, how are all of you? Fine I hope let's get into it.
  I just came back from a wedding in North Carolina. It was a beautiful event. But that's not the topic of discussion. Before I went I decided to sign up for a career assessment and interest test. As my months are down I'm realizing it's time for a career and not just a job. I haven't gotten the results back yet but when I do I'll be sure to share.
   Meanwhile on this trip I was overwhelmed  (in a good way) to see another side to life. Not to put where I currently live down but it's depressing. You see people who walk around as zombies. People who seem to have no dreams no hope for the future. For me it seems as though it's hard to dream or thrive in that environment.
    The craziest thing is maybe I don't need a test to show me what I already know. What I actually needed to do is get out of town for a while. And maybe that's what you need to get yourself out of your rut. You need to see something different. If it's impossible for you to get out of town try breaking your routine. Try a different route home. That little bit can take you far.
  If you want a different life go after it live it. Don't wait for someone else to motivate you. Don't wait for an idea to fall out of the sky. You already possess everything you need to succeed just tap into it.


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