Activate your POWER


Too much power has been given to things that don't matter. Things that don't make sense. Most things fear wise, we make up in our minds that will never happen. Some people like myself hate conflict. I also hate drama and what I realized is that when drama had arisen Tammy went the other way. But that also meant I wasn't operating where I was supposed to.
     We give too much power to the wrong things Such negative things, social media distractions or anything else that keeps our mind off where we are going.That needs to change if we're ever going to make it we have to activate our power and not fear. We can't think of hypothetical situations that may NEVER arise. We have to start thinking of our goal and finish line. If something comes up along the way handle it and move on! You can do this I'll be here to motivate you!!

What are you waiting on?


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