Naturally Beautiful

   I belong to a few beauty groups on Facebook. As you know I have a love for hairstyles. Today I was somewhat conflicted. I set up a hair appointment a few days ago for this weekend. But I was trying to figure out what hairstyle I was going to get. I  started to think why am I not wearing my real hair? Honestly I have no answer. I am not downing anyone who does. But have we become people who are sooo obsessed with make up/weave that we are afraid of not having it. I can only speak for myself. How I actually started cutting off my hair was because I realized I relied so much on weave I hated how I looked without it.
   I believe every once in a while it's good to reconnect with yourself. I am not just talking about without weave or makeup.  I'm talking about you as a whole there comes a time where you have to recognize you. You have to realize the beauty that you have without the enhancements. There comes a time will you have to  shut off the world and be naturally beautiful.


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