Don't give in

As I have already stated I have a daughter on the way. But the story that I haven't told is the first part of the story. I was told many times over to have an abortion. I was given multiple reasons of why I shouldn't have my baby. These voices or people clouded my judgement. And for a time I was actually considering it. But it wasn't until I got away from those voices those people. And God got me alone and then I realized that she needed a chance. And I need it her. People will make you feel like a useless. And what you're doing in life is all wrong. They will throw they're selfish reasonings on you. If I had a thrown my daughter's life away  who knows where I would be. It's crazy nowadays that people will try to ridicule you for doing what's right .By saying yes to my daughter's life I have went through a lot of stress, arguments and just straight BS .  But when I was shopping for her recently I started  to cry almost  because  I stood up  to the enemy  fed up to all those people  who thought it was a bad idea  I look back over my life  over this time  of being pregnant and all the obstacles  I have to overcome and although my daughter is here just yet  I wouldn't trade her for the world .  And for you  you shouldn't do  you shouldn't give in  if it is something in your heart that you know that you're supposed to do you have to fight for it everyone is not going to be in your corner  everyone is not going to be by your side  but if you know that this is an assignment that God has called you to do  why was you choose the world over God .


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