Control your mind

 You have a purpose. You have a dream that you would like to fulfill. But what's stopping you? Your mind I have often sat thinking about where I would be if I stopped starting and stopping things how far I would've been. 
  Your mind is a powerful tool. It can make you feel no one is there for you or that your dreams will never succeed.
   I have been prayed over many times people have encouraged my dreams and  each dream everytime I changed my mind (my grandma Dorothy) but no matter how many good feelings I got or encouragements it all came down to me. There will be those times when your room is silent and the thoughts start to come. Or when no one is buying your product.
   Don't feel as though you're a failure because you're NOT everyone has a rough patch sometimes it's best to re-evaluate and begin again see things with different eyes.
   It will all work out trust me


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