All I had was him

Many people will try to prove their loyalty. Try to prove they're always on your side but it will always be that one time where no one picks up the phone.
   I myself have been in a few near death situations, in situations I believe that wouldn't make it out alive at these moments when I couldn't call anyone he was already there. There were times I didn't think I would live to see another day.
   I didn't see how bills will get paid but he was he was already making a way those midnight hours where I cried myself to sleep those times I suffered in silence he was already there

As for you he will do the same
 If you can't feel his presence tell him.
If you need him to guide you ask him.
May He fill that empty void in your heart May He wipe your eyes when you cry.
 May He whisper to you that everything will be alright

These are trying times something bad is always happening. Keep your faith. Keep your head up and everything will work out fine.


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