A Testimony: Your gift

It's 11:45pm 7/19/2015. I had to take a break from my "Breaking Bad" series which I allowed myself to get wrapped up in. I got up reached for my phone and this scripture grabbed me like it did all weekend and the funny thing was I was just going to create the image you see above and keep it moving. But God weighted on my heart to go further and create a post here I am being obedient.
This weekend I have been wrestling with my purpose, my position in life and what kind of life I wanted to create for my daughter. I am /was somewhat envious of my boyfriend because he has his direction of where he wants to go down pat. I have an idea BUT I allowed myself to get distracted. I put more pressure on myself because I want to be a great example for my daughter. Okay fast forward, I started to think of what businesses/ideas I had on the table and I got frustrated because I realized I started stuff and didn't finish. I also started to think how am I going to get where I need to be. I prayed but afterwards I kept dealing with the issue and not fully giving it to God. I looked at my current situation BUT NOT with spiritual eyes but human. My boyfriend and I took a couple of rides around town but all I saw was despair. I made me even more depressed. 
Thank God I went to church because it was a confirmation for me there. It's time out for me to stop playing with my gift that God has given me and that goes for you too. God has given you something not for you to sit idly by and left life pass you feeling defeated. You can't live like that. You have to put on your blinders sometimes cut off what's holding you back. Turn off your brain and allow God to carry you. Stop trying to figure out your future or what's next for you and let God have his way!!! Don't worry how the customers will come or whatever if God brought you to it he SHALL bring you through it.


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