Transparent Moment: Testimony

So a few weeks ago I was really confused I was confused and drawn between Worthy Worth It & Priceless and Tammy Simmons Designs. I was thinking of where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do I was praying to God asking God for a dream or something some sort of sign for help.

I went to church and before I left I asked for prayer and I during this time I was supposed to be moving and everything just halted because of the move when I was prayed over and God said for me to take myself out of the equation and put him in it. Now mind you I had a dream before where I could hear my grandmother saying to me you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Even with that I somewhat still didn't get it I figured that I was supposed to go forward with Worthy Worth it & Priceless but I wasn't sure and now to sidetrack (I have other ideas and plans what were they  Worthy Worth it & Priceless more than just the blog. ) so with that being said, you fast forward to this Sunday and  the sermon for the day was Stop Smelling Yourself and the  Pastor said a line that was just like what was prayed over me. You have to do what you're supposed to do. NOT with you and mind but with God in my in mind. The task and the plans I had for the  Worthy Worth It & Priceless was too big for me or to the point that I didn't believe in myself enough to actually do. It was basically all about me. Then I started to see things that I wasn't happy with (not blog wise but world wise) I was unhappy with how women are portrayed how even we are portraying.I can't sit back and not do anything or just remain silent as before. I realize that this blog  is not about me. It's to help other people realize their worth and their value.I can't reveal my plans right now but very shortly and by the grace of God I will start putting them into motion.


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