Press through the Mess


While you're on this road. to doing what you believe in your heart you are meant to do. You find yourself always having disappointments disagreements or things coming at you. With all of that coming at you you have to press through the mess. You can not opposition stop you you can not let the naysayers stop you. You have to know that what you bring to the world is worth fighting for. Even when you want to give up. Even when all hope is gone, even when you have a business and there is no sales coming in. You can not give up you can't afford to give up this is the gift that God has given you. He has entrusted you with this gift. So you can not give up. Everyday is not going to be roses. And when you're going through you're going to have problems falling on every corner everything is going to go wrong that can go wrong but you have to know that you are here for specific purpose and the specific duty so you have to press through to get to the other side because in the end it will all be worth it.


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