Worthy Music/Spotlight: J.Cole

The last Worthy Music Spotlight of the year belongs to J.Cole. Ever since I heard his album I can't get it off my mind it's a album that it's melodies stay with you. All of a sudden your singing it out loud and people start looking at you crazy. "This is my canvas" from his single Apparently.
  I stated on Twitter that I don't really listen to rap anymore but this album was worthy music this album restored my hope in that genre of music. I can't to listen nor stomach mindless music. I can't listen to things that makes no sense. This album brought back the essence of music. You can tell that J.Cole is really being himself with this album. He is coming into his own. He has always went against the grain a bit. I remember when he did the dollar and a dream tour when people got in for a dollar. He went to the protests without publicity he showed his support. He's showing characteristics of a true leader,a real voice for the people when most of our options are mindless music.  I can appreciate this album and J.Cole. Above is an interview that J.Cole recently. And below are two of my favorite songs from the album. GO Buy the album if you already haven't!!!


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