Love Yourself Enough to Leave

     As women we love hard. Sometimes we stay in situations that aren't the best for us. It's usually it's not for ourselves that we stay. We stay for our kids, because we love them (the other person) we are unsure of our futures. But in all of this WE are unhappy.
  It's important that you take care of yourself. You don't want to look back on your life and regret.
   It's time to take off the blinders. Put yourself first. You deserve to be happy.              
              Before you take action :
  1.     Access the situation. Get out of your feelings and really see what's going on. 
  2.      Talk to the person let them know what is going on and how you feel. The worst thing is leaving someone and they never knew it was a problem. Try to work things out if you can be especially if there's children involved. 
  3. Come up with an action plan the worst thing you could do is is leave with no place to go.
More Advice:

  Always pray before you make a decision and wait for an answer. 
  DON'T make a decision while your emotions are on HIGH.
   Assess the situation sometimes we are the ones that have changed. 
  Everyone who gives advice may not have the best intentions.
   One thing my grandma told me when I was going through was "I can't tell you to leave him because I don't have anything/anyone to replace him with.

Continue to live a Worthy Worth It & Priceless life.


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