Don't let them win

They counted you out.... They said you would never make it.... You started to beleieve them you let go of your dream.... You tried to do other things  but none gave you that feeling that emotion of your first love, Your passion. The thing that makes your heart stop the thing that you do so effortlessly. 
 Don't let them win!!! 

I killed my lifelong dream. Since I was a child I wanted to be a singer not for fame but because I loved to sing. The first song I remember singing to was "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker I mimicked her movements in that video. Through the years my passion for music as a whole increased I knew ALL the songs that came out and background info on the singers. But as with every dream killers start to lurk. They come out they try to make you doubt yourself. And if you're not strong like I was at the time you allow them stop you completely. I tried MANY different paths none really fulfilled me to others I seemed confused,crazy, and unstable. Was I? No I wasn't allowing myself my dream. Trying to please others made me crazy. It wasn't until recently when a friend discovered this dream. I was so far gone I forgot the dream myself. 

I recently started vocal lessons. I am here to tell you Don't let them win. I don't care  who is against you. You gotta believe in yourself no matter what. Don't let them silence you. You owe it to yourself to be happy and to follow your passion.


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