Forget Wifey I want Wife!!


Ok so you have been with this man for years and you have a beautiful child together. You put up his mess. You wash his clothes. You put up with the late nights coming in. You nurse him back to health when he is sick. But still you are referred to as wifey and not wife.
    Some women are cool with that. They don’t want the ring. They don’t want the ceremony nothing of the sort. As for me I want the last name I want it all. I think for me its principal. I am not going to be doing all the duties of a wife and not have the title. I have heard “Wifey is a glorified girlfriend” that may be true but I believe I was made for better than that. If you love me why not make that commitment. If you trust me enough to bear your child but you don’t trust me enough to have your last name. So it is the point that our children can have your last name but I am the one who carried your kids, went through morning sickness and all kind of changes it's my body isn’t that worthy of your last name. Really come on!

   Women, if marriage is something that you want you need to voice your opinion about it. Don’t sit ideally by and continue to be in just a relationship going no where if this isn’t what you want. If you want to be married that should be a conversation that happens early on in the relationship so he knows where you stand.


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