Don't get lost in the shuffle

   Don't lose your individuality or yourself in a relationship you should always be yourself if someone wants you to change totally then there trying to make you someone else. Don't get to the point in relationships where you will do anything please someone else and in the mist of that once the relationship is gone we lose ourself totally.
    I used to read books called Chick Lit these were books basically about a woman hero and in these books there will be a woman who had it all together and then once she lost her relationship or her boyfriend broke up with her or he left her she lost all of her identity and in the books she basically had to rebuild herself from the ground up.
    What I don't want you to do is be in  a position where you feel as though your loss without the relationship. Or you lose your whole identity without this person when you're in a relationship. A Relationship is two different personalities two different people coming together to make a whole unit but you are still an individual. It's okay to make some minor changes in your life to accommodate your partner.
 Don't lose yourself in a relationship so bad that once it's over you feel dead or you still at so you want to die realize you had a life before this relationship you will have a life after the relationship what's best now is to go forward with your life and make the necessary steps and the right moves with your life.

You will be better than fine.

Know that you are Worthy Worth Priceless.


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