Reclaiming Your Life: Steps 5-7

Finally back with the last few steps to the series. My laptop is messed up but I didn't want to let that stop me. (That's how laziness sets in among other things.)

Step 5: Take Inventory

    Look at everything about yourself and your surroundings meaning your friends family everything. Are they beneficial or are they a hindrance?
  During this step get in touch with yourself. Get to know yourself. Do research on the things that make you unique. Okay everyone will not agree with this but I did birth charts and numerology for this for entertainment. But I realized some of it was accurate as far as that goes. What ever you have to do it.

Step 6: Process of Elimination

   You may remember this from school. During this step, anything that don't work distance yourself from it. You have to do what's best for you. You don't want to keep dead weight around you. It will stop your growth.

Step 7: Create an Action Plan & LIVE.

Figure out what you want out of life. Make list of your goals and a plan how to reach them. Start living it's just that simple.


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