God Can Break Down Walls

S. day Best - Leandria's Stfrom Seventh ward on vimeo.

She told Associated Press how some of the contestants were staring at her. "The whole time, some were like 'Oh, what does she have on?' Or, 'Why does she dress like that?' I got those looks. I dealt with all that. I almost left. But it was a little voice in me that told me to stand [still]. From there, I've watched God change my life one episode at a time."

       I wanted to post Pastor Leandria's story to give you encouragement. No matter what you are going through God can and will make away for you. He can turn your life around. Through these videos I will show you parts of her journey.

She went on to win Sunday's Best. Become a pastor and Grammy Award Winner.
 Here's a video of here speaking about what she went through after winning.

The second video is her winning a Grammy.


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