Don't Skimp on Life

 The picture was an email from my grandma Dorothy. 

Life is meant to be lived. We let fear stop us from living the BEST parts of life. When we were children, we wanted to do and be everything. We had great imaginations. Now I realize you realize that some of those things aren't as possible as we once thought but that shouldn't stop us from living altogether!
 Let's talk about fears. Okay I'll use myself as an example. When I was 18 years old, I started talking driving lessons. My first couple went great. We the instructor started teaching me how to turn. My Lord, I got it a few times but this 1 time as I am driving turning I ran over the curb.She grabbed the wheel even though she had her own wheel. It was a argument she scared the heck out of me.I never really been behind a wheel since. Due to public transportation, not having the desire, no one to take me, and not wanting to pay for the lessons. Now see what I did there, I gave you excuses. But driving gives you freedom. I said that to allow you to look at your fear if you conquer your fear it will give you freedom. Freedom to know whatever you believe is possible. Don't let fear stop your drive to success! Don't let fear cheat you out of life.

   Going forward face those fears and live the life you are supposed to.
  Continue to live a Worthy Worth It & Priceless Life!!!


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