Appreciate your Life

On July 13th 2014 I spend my day in the hospital. Instead of praising God on Sunday. I was praying to God for my condition to get better. Thank God it wasn't serious but its the point. As I was going home I started to think. For the past few years I have been in the hospital for things nothing that major like a computer fell on my head, I slid into a needle while I was sewing but the biggest was getting my appendix removed. Some of these things could've been avoided SERIOUSLY but it was because I was being reckless and didn't care. I have known since I was a child I have kidney/bladder issues nothing has really been THAT serious but it has been present. I was told as a child that I need to drink more water. As an adult I still don't drink water as much as I should.  But why?
   A little DEEPER thinking now think of what was stated above drinking water in some aspects could have prevented a LOT of my hospital visits/bills. But I didn't do it. Why? because of options. As an adult we have  the option to drink EVERYTHING under the sun. So Why would we chose water? Water is usually a dull taste it doesn't do much for you but quench your thirst ( I am under estimating the power of water for a purpose) but it's good for us.
   Now think of water as things in your life. You KNOW what you are suppose to do. But we avoid it. We have EVERY excuse in the book not to do what we suppose to. We go to our other OPTIONS. Even though our options are not good for us. We still chose them because they look good, they taste good. And then we look and end up somewhere we are not suppose to then we realize we should've just stuck to water.

  There is something special inside of all of us. Sometimes the pressure can take us somewhere we don't want to be. Stick to what you know is right. Do what you can to improve your life.
  There are countries that would love to have the water we take for granted. There are also people who would love to have the problems you have. Appreciate your life.


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