Worth A Listen: B.I.T.S. Records artist Haize & Riz

Worth A Listen comes from B.I.T.S. Records LLC. The spotlight is on two of the artists on the label Rodrecus Haize Campbell,  and Lourenzo Riz Davis
    A little about B.I.T.S. Records LLC artists Haize and Riz. They both come  from Niagara Falls, N.Y. they are solo artists but they have come together to promote two compilations: Food For Thought: Mind Right Bet That, & Unreleased for the record label. 
     Their music is rap but the music has a different  message the songs speak to the struggles that we all go through with songs like Live LifeIt Ain't Easy among others.


From Food For Thought: Mind Right Bet That 


From the Unreleased Album


****Unreleased is a little more street than Mind Right Bet That. It is NOT work safe in other words.


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