Priceless Inspiration: D.V. Interview #1

 Here's the first of what I hope to be many interviews to help us all gain some understanding of Domestic Violence and begin to heal and help others. As stated previously, no names will be given and places will be changed to protect the victims. 

Were you abused physically or mentally or both?
       I was only hit once but the mental abuse is the worse. And what killed me it happen in front of my daughter.

Where did you meet? Was he your boyfriend?

We stayed around the same area when I was younger. And yes he was my boyfriend.

Was he abusive from the beginning or was it gradually? 

Yes, he played mind games at first than got bad with in a month or so in relationship. I should of known to get out but i didn't

Looking back why did you stay? 

I thought i loved him. But all reality it was an escape for my life. If that makes sense.
   My escape from reality was just gotten out another bad relationship. And had to move me and my child into my aunt's house. Basically homeless.

What was your turning point as far as the abuse, what made you say enough is enough? 
 Yes when he charge at me and slam me up against the wall.

Did you ever press charges? If not why?

No, i should of but i just wanted to get me and my daughter out. It got worse after we left.

How so? Is that when the verbal abuse started?

 The verbal start about two months in. He was accusing me of cheating everyday. Even when I was at work. Then it went to how i did clean right, to his standards, than it was i was taking drugs. Because i had red marks on my body. To the way I sleep. I sleep a certain way or he would wake me up and tell to sleep some where else.I couldnt talk to my mom. I was raising my daughter wrong. 
Then it was the way i eat. I ate to much and i was fat.

Is he the father of your son? If so did that make it harder to leave? 
No, he is not my son's father. I did leave twice but always went back. I have no excuse why i did.

And you're not wrong either we all do many things it's our state of mind at the time. Is there anything you would like to share or any advice you could give to other girls in this same situation? 

When you know something is not right. Please trust your gut and walk away. It better to be alone than be with someone who abuses you


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