Devalue/ Bloom where you're planted

De·val·ue verb  reduce or underestimate the worth or importance of.
    Devalue is  the COMPLETE the opposite of  the words Worthy, Worth It & Priceless. But I have come to know it is the reason how and why we get ourselves into many bad situations. We devalue the people in our lives by comparing them or taking them for granted. We devalue or partners by only looking at the negative when we have had enough. We devalue what we have accomplished by  looking at how far we have to go. We can also devalue ourselves by not blooming where we are planted.

What you have may not be what you want or how you envisioned your life but do NOT make your life harder by trying to get to point A to Z the fast way. There are steps all the way between that you must hit to really be able to enjoy those rewards and if you move too fast you may regret it.

 You are putting yourself at an inconvenience by devaluing and listening to those negative thoughts. I give you an example I knew someone who had a family at home but instead of honoring them he was concerned about people in the street giving him attention. Its selfish and pigheaded but it is also devaluing as well. We usually have everything we need at home but because we can't always get our wants we devalue what we have. We make them feel less important like they can't fulfill our needs. Then that causes that person to then devalue themselves then second guess themselves. It's a whole cycle.

When we devalue ourselves we start thinking of every negative thing anyone has ever said about us anyone who has ever walked out. Then we start to feel a void then that messes with our self-esteem. Then we do things we shouldn't do to feel that void. That fix is only temporary and then we are still left empty.

I'm asking you to put value back into your life. It's not going to be easy.Think differently about yourself. If you have to take baby steps do so as long as you take a step.
   So I will be starting a Reclaim Your Life series to help us all get back on track. I am very excited about it hope you are too.

Thanks for stopping by.
Remember you are Worthy Worth It & Priceless


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