Dead Weight

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I had damaged my hair I have cut it off grew it back it was an endless cycle. I had just taken out my Crochet hairstyle and when I did I had put a perm on it well I put it on for too long and overprocessed my hair every time I brushed it combed it it came out I tried everything I could to hold on. I tried a beer and egg treatment it reversed my new growth but my ends were DONE. I tried wigs. So one day full of frustration I went to my bathroom and began to chop off the dead ends but I was still trying to save it and so last minute I grabbed my clippers and buzzed to make sure I got rid of it. Then I promptly called my barber to make an appointment. It wasn't as if I haven't been bald before by choice.

The fact is we know when something is over and needs to go but still we hold on for what? Fear! Fear of failure and Success. Fear that we don't know how to live with that thing or situation. Or it just can be a case of not wanted in to deal with it. Somethings in our mind is easier to keep what you have then to go out and get a new one or grow more hair in my case.

At the end of the day let go of that dead weight that is holding you back. You are meant for more than you see today. You still have A lot more living to do.

Stay Strong and Be Encouraged

*As you can see this is a post I had on but it still remains true today. You have to rid yourself of things that's holding you back it may not be easy but it's worth it just like you. 


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