Worth A Look: International Hair Expression

International Hair Expressions is an e-store  founded by a group of women who after years of trying all or at least most of the hair on the market with no luck of finding quality hair decided to build a company of their own.
The hair  collections below describes what they have to offer. Descriptions taken from there website for more info & to order click the link here Website.

Shyanne Collection

The Shyanne Indian collections comes directly from the Temples. Indian Hair is  highly regarded in the hair industry because of its versatility and texture. It is naturally full and bouncy. It can easily be curled or waved. It blends with various ethnicities. This hair is very fine and is naturally light weighted
The model is wearing 3 bundles of Shyanne Indian Straight- 18 inch, 20 inch, and 20 inch

Aliiaya Collection

Brazilian Hair is the most popular type of hair on the market.  It blends well with African American textures and Caucasians.  Brazilian Hair is one of our best collection hair. It full of natural body, shiner, and a  heavier density. All the cuticles are intact and run in the same directions, which eliminates matting and tangling.  This hair is re-usable for one year with proper care. It has little to no shedding.  
The model is wearing Aliiaya Brazilian Straight 2 bundles -16 inches 

             Imani Collection

We purchase the Raw PONYTAILS that has been cut directly from the donors head. It is 100% Virgin hair. This hair comes in different textures, and is available in colors natural black or medium brown. This hair is re-useable for many years. Our Imani  Collection hair is exclusive.
The model is wearing Imani Russian Slightly Coarse -2 bundles ( 16 inches)


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