Priceless Inspiration: Trust Yourself

I was at work one day and a customer is in the store loudly asking her friend should she get these shoes "like what do you think?" "Would these look Good?" "Would you wear them?" I mean on and on for about 10 minutes. I know we all ask people their opinion but this was beyond that it seemed like she had an insecurity.
   Recently I had the same issue my hair wasn't looking the way I wanted it to so I was thinking of changing it so I called my mom and asked her opinion. Then I started to think afterwards why am I calling my mom if I want to change my hair. It's mine.  And with the story above I realized that we can't always look to others for their opinion for what we should do on matters that effect us.
   I am not saying not to get peoples opinion ever but you have to get to a point where we trust ourselves. We generally know what we want to do we just usually want someone to agree with us or give us their prospective. With or without their advice we do what we want to anyway.
Remember you are Worthy Worth It & Priceless


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