Priceless Inspiration: There is a blessing in waiting

Months ago I was going to change jobs again or at least wanting to. Now mind you there was nothing wrong with my job I loved it! I am an assistant manager in a shoe store finally my retail degree is coming in handy. Well it requires me to drive which at the moment I don't know how to. Now instead of me pushing myself to learn.I put on my running shoes.
    Fast forward a few days ago my old job called and so did another job I had applied for around that same time. Now at this time I am no longer willing to run I was ready to bloom where I was planted. But me with the "You never know" philosophy I flirted with the idea. But I wasn't totally sure. So I made the two interviews in one day tomorrow (Monday March 3rd) I had all weekend to think of it I was so torn. I no longer had the desire to sit behind a desk overnight and watch my life pass by (I was a night auditor in my previous job) or work in a clothing store on not one of the best sides of town (which was the new opportunity) so why take the interviews. Because I devalued my dreams to suit the company's needs. In other words I put myself on the back burner to get something I no longer wanted or had an interest in.
   So I woke up Monday morning after a weekend of confusion and realized I wanted to continue on the path I was on.I love my job if I left I would no longer have a management position I would settle. Then fight to get another management position later. And the job I'm currently at pushes me to do the things I have put off (getting my cosmetology license as well as my driving license).

   There is a blessing in waiting.  I may not be where I want today but I don't plan on going anywhere I still have time. So do you don't run because you're afraid don't get distracted. Keep on fighting for your dream.

Stay Strong Be Encouraged and Know that you are Worthy Worth It & Priceless


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