Priceless Inspiration: Stay away from fear talk

There are certain types of people you need to stay away from those are the "fear talk" people. Those are the people that no matter what you say they always think of the negative.
  Some people use fear as an instrument to motivate them these are not the people I am talking about. Fear talk people are the ones that no matter how much you tell them "It's going to be alright." "Your going to make it."  All they think of is ways it's not and trust me it's not worth it.
  These people bottom line think that the past is better because they are too afraid to move forward.
  If you are a "Faith Talker" this can seriously mess you up. I will tell you from experience some people just talk to have something to say but have no intention on following their dreams.  These are "great potential people but no work". They have the greatest potential but don't do ANY work to follow their dreams.
   Obviously, there are a lot of exceptions. Some people need a little push, or someone to believe in them but if you push and motivate and they don't budge please believe it's time to move on.
   If you're around these people too long it might be contagious. You might start thinking like them or better yet you might be so focused on them you forget yourself.

Pick your battles and Remember you are Worthy Worth It & Priceless


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