Priceless Inspiration:They were wrong (Take your life back)

     I haven't met one person lately that hasn't had either a rough childhood or just a rough upbringing altogether.  People that they loved hurt them deeply.This has prompted many to have hatred, hurt in their hearts or animosity. They carry the scars of rejection with themselves everyday. They carry the fears, the tears, and the pain of their childhood as well as broken relationships as well. This has made people carry a wall no one IN and YOU don't GET OUT.
     It's hard to hear someone that we loved and trusted either talk about bad about us or to us no matter how strong we are but don't let there anger at the moment paralyze your life.
     I am asking you don't carry that anymore. That burden is not for you to carry. You got through the heartache and stress that your family and so called loved one has put you through. You are strong allow God to carry you through.
    I am here to DECLARE they were wrong about you!!!! You are an awesome person. Beautiful you have amazing.You will get the life you desire. You have a lot going on for yourself. You are going to make it. You will have the VICTORY the enemy has already been defeated. Visualize yourself winning. Create your happy dance because the battle is already won. They may have taken time out of your life but NO MORE!!! Take your LIFE back!!! Take your  JOY back!!! Let them see you succeed. Don't give up!!! Now is NOT the time to throw in the towel. NOW is the time to get moving!!! DECLARE VICTORY!!! The enemy can't keep you down look at you, You are making it you are winning!!! Yassss!!! DECLARE IT!!!

No one knows how much longer we have on this earth but I bet one thing while we got LIFE we sure enough are going to LIVE!!!


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