The beauty of pain

I recently got Micro braids as soon as I sat in the chair the woman was like it's going to need tight but if it's too tight let me know. Now mind you my hair is short I have a twa (tweeny weeny afro) I had Micros before so how tight could they be. I was so wrong I never had my hair done by women from Africa. They braided every nook and cranny they could find they beadiest of beads all of it. I was screaming on the inside as well as pinching tissues under the smock. I was saying to myself I will never do this again and praying that their hands moved faster. It was two women mind you. After it was do I loved it but I also said I would stick to wigs. The next day after it didn't hurt as bad I said it wasn't that bad I could probably do it again.
  I have said all of that to say is sometimes we go through pain we ask God to speed up the process but when it's all over we are much better off. So if your going through something realize it won't always be this way you will make it through it may be uncomfortable now but stay in the process.


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