Priceless Inspiration:Accept Your Gift

God has blessed us all with tremendous gifts and talents. At times we look at others gifts and wish we had their talents/gifts. Sometimes we make life harder or set ourselves up for disappointment by doing something that we are not comfortable with or wasn’t given the talent or gift for. I have posted a lot about hairstylist. It is fascinating what these women can do I am sure they go through obstacles but they fight through them to make masterpieces to help women feel good about themselves. Think about if they denied themselves of their gifts.

Another example is from my favorite movie Tinkerbell long story short Tinkerbell was given the gift of being a tinker which was fixing things, but being a tinker was glamorous and wouldn’t get her to the main land (which I believe is the world we live in). You see her struggle to try to become like the other fairies such as water, light and animal. She didn’t believe that being a tinker fairy was that great or glamorous but what she didn't realize was that tinkers had the most important job; all the other fairies depended on the tinkers. She was so focused on going to the "main land" that it made her even think less of herself. So your gift may not being in the big bucks it may not make you a star but believe your gift is needed so except it because no one can be like you!


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