Priceless Inspiration: Principle of Least Interest

A friend of mine is in trouble… She is terribly in love with her boyfriend, but he is less in love with her and this sets up a terrible dynamic in their relationship. Because he doesn’t care as much as she does, he has tremendous power over her. He dictates most of what happens in her life…
She willingly submits to this because she wants his love more than he wants hers in return. And the more she tries to please him, the more of herself she loses to the relationship, and the less happy she becomes because she gets so little in return, so she tries harder to please him. Of course, from his perspective, things are great. The less he gives, the more she tries to make him happy. What a deal. The principle of least interest at work:
The person who cares the least about a relationship has considerable power over the person who cares the most." (A. Pollard)

Have you ever been in a relationship like this or had a friend that has done this. I will say it I have been here as well. As a woman you want to love your man as the saying goes if you don’t someone else will. In this day and age that is very true but while dealing in this relationship you lose yourself. You lose a piece of yourself you identity. I have been in relationships where you would’ve sworn I was the man in the relationship. I remember I would talk to my friends like "dang I wish he would just change, this makes no sense". The point is that you want this man to change you see the potential in him to change but you are losing yourself trying to change him, or to upgrade him. When the relationship is over you are left with a broken heart in pieces to clean up. Everyone says leave that is the one thing easier said than done I go home now everyday by myself with a house filled with memories and what could’ve been. In the end you can blame yourself. The best thing to do is move on. Take you cuts and bruises and realize that God is close to the brokenhearted and even if prince charming never shows so what you are a QUEEN and you should never live like a peasant fall in love with yourself. The tears will fall trust me and people will get tired of hearing what happened but God will never leave nor forsake you


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