Priceless Inspiration: Bloom where you're planted

Sometimes we run,we get outta situations before we are fully blessed.
   I finally got the management position I always wanted with this position I have to be able to drive mind you I don't know how to drive, mind you my manager told me it wasn't a big deal but I allowed it to bother me. By the Grace of God I have been able to avoid it to a certain extent. I was able to have someone pick me up when needed but they were blessed to get a full-time job soon after. When I found this out my first mind was to look for another job no question. I realize all I had to do was get driving lessons but I convinced myself it would take too long.
  Fast forward I didn't get any of the jobs I applied for but while I was looking to hear back from them God began to work on me. That's when I was given the vision for the idea to go back to finish my cosmetology license. If I would have gotten the other jobs I wouldn't be able to. It made perfect sense to stay where I was at to accomplish those goals. When I told my District Manager I was going to stay he started talking about giving me a raise.I would have walked away from my blessing.

How many times in life have we talked ourselves out of our blessings.
You will never earn the fruits of your labor if you keep running. So today I urge you to stand still allow God to move on your behalf.

Everything will be worth it.


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