Help for the brokenhearted after a Break-up

For some Valentine's Day is the day for love  but for others it's the loneliest day hopefully this will lift your spirits.

I have realized that a lot of people have gotten their heartbroken at some point some may become bitter or their hearts never heal so they try to hurt someone else just as much today we are going to talk to the people who still have their hearts and they are totally broken and need to heal. The person that no matter how much crying you have done it still has NOT healed your hurtAnd you just want the pain to go away to live your life.  (This is for the person who has been dumped in other words)
 Start with this short video from TD Jakes

You are not losing a thing. You may think you are because it's a "fresh wound". You think he was so awesome he did everything right...NO look again. Look at all that you have done for that person true love just doesn't walk away. Wipe your eyes I know this situation hurts I don't know a woman who hasn't been there they will all tell you it gets better. I am telling you the same.( Maybe you got this message too early and you are not ready to receive it at this moment but save it and look at it later) You are special and just because everything was good through the honeymoon stage it takes work to make it last. I love my Disney movies but the fairytales have gotten us somewhat mixed up but that is NOT to say that there is not a man to treat us right and that also doesn't mean that we are to accept less that what we deserve.  You have to see you are a prize and that loosing you is a choice he is going to regret.

 Don't let your mind take over by saying your not going to find someone that is LIE. While you are free and single enjoy it laugh have fun spend time getting to know you, enjoy you. Focus on you. I bet all that time you spent on him you didn't spend half as much on yourself or doing what you wanted to do.

Please don't send a million text or phone calls its not worth it and most men don't get the point it does nothing. Trust me God takes care of the brokenhearted and when it's all said and done you will win.     Believe that his loss will get you closer to someone who will gain from knowing you. Just like I posted in the previous post " It's going to be hard some days and not everyday you will want to look on the bright side of things but you have to. You can NOT let situations and people get the best of you" but honey if you have to get you your favorite Ice cream and catch up on your shows on Netflix that's what you do but DO NOT I repeat DO NOT stay down too long you have TOOOOO much living to do to be wasting time on someone who may not be thinking about you! ( Not trying to be harsh) you gave him time while you were together why give him time while you are apart. You get one shot this life don't look back over it and realize you never lived!!!

Stay strong get moving you got work to do!!! heal that heart wipe those tears


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